Message from BURT

Spanish explorers sailed them. A legendary barefoot mailman crossed them.

Farmers and merchants, Seminoles and settlers, passing travelers and pioneers gazed upon our glittering waters and were moved to create a community now enjoying international renown.

Through all our growth has run one blue thread-those glittering 'blueways' that still offer what they've offered for generations: Transportation, recreation and, perhaps best of all, an escape from the cacophony of a bustling concrete world to a watery wonderland of diamond-tipped egret soaring overhead...a majestic river oak shadowing a shoreline...

Today those 'blueways' are in desperate need of repair. New River, Middle River and Tarpon River have degenerated under the strain of urban growth. Our once pristine waters have been damaged by debris, sedimentation, storm-water run-off, and pollutants.

Enter Broward Urban River Trails. Launched in 1994 as the Broward Urban River Trails Project, this volunteer group is now a non-profit organization at work on waterside parks, 'greenway' trails alongside waterways, children's educational programs, 'blueway' boating maps, and waterway access points for canoes and kayaks.

It's working. Water quality is improving. Waterside parks are opening. 'Greenways' alongside 'blueways' are becoming a reality. Waterway access points are opening and the fragile ecology of our waterside environment is strengthening. Community concern for long-ignored waterways is growing.

Broward Urban River Trail's battle to protect our waterways continues in the realization that damage to those waters is damage to each of us... in many ways... now and forever.

Our waterways have served us for 100 years. They have embraced our lives... and now we must return the favor. Their future is in our history... and in our hands...